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All Hail the Mighty, Mighty Rice Wrapper

It’s official – I’m obsessed with rice wrappers!

About three weeks ago, I was looking for easy to make vegan meals that my kids would be all over. After all, it’s summer, a great time to experiment with kid-friendly foods. I happened to come across a recipe for a spring roll which looked awfully tasty. So, I pinned it. Shortly after that, I came across another wrapper recipe – a pad thai wrap. Again, I pinned it. (I waste so much time on Pinterest. Seriously. Some of it is work, but most of it is play-in-an-attempt-to-avoid-work.)

I thought, “This is great! We’ll make them both and by doing so, I’m cutting down on the amount of ingredients I have to buy.”

So, I made the spring rolls with a dipping sauce. Easy-peasy. And everyone loved it! Except for the sauce. My eldest did not care for the sauce. A couple days later, I made the pad thai noodle wrap. Again, everyone loved it!

Soon, every day or two, I found myself making foods I could wrap: rice, veggies, fruits, more noodles. Basically everything can be wrapped.

Because, not only are rice wrappers easy (and cheap), but they also help eliminate a lot of the mess I’d have to clean up if certain foods were not wrapped. That’s not to say, *all* messes. My 2-year-old still manages to make quite a mess – one he could probably win an award with. But, he’s 2. He’s an expert mess-maker.

It’s safe to say that we’ll be experimenting with rice wrappers all summer. And I wanted to share a couple links with you of the two recipes that grabbed my attention in the first place.

But, first, a couple things to remember about rice wrappers:

One – it will take you a couple wraps to get the hang of handling them. At first, they seemed akin to plastic wrap. But, by the third one, I had it down.

And two. You want to fill them pretty full. Not so full they’re bursting (and they will tear), but full enough that you don’t have three layers of rice wrap around a carrot. That may taste rather bland.

So, try the links below, and let me know what you think in the comments. Also, feel free to share any wrap recipes you come up with!

Yummy Mummy’s Kitchen’s Spring Rolls

Our Four Forks’ Pad Thai Wraps


  1. My kids love to eat spring rolls so I am so happy to see this recipe. I can’t wait to try it.

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